My Shopping Bag

My family went to Branson Missouri last Saturday to shop at TANGER OUTLET. Daddy and Mommy bought us new set of pants and tops for the spring. They also bought us a swim suit, a cap and a small purse!

Here’s my brother and I shopping bag….

Will be posting what we got soon! :)

Tutu Skirt and Bow Made by Mom

Look what Mom made me….

a pink and purle TUTU SKIRT with matching Bows!

I love it! Mom did it last night and I am excited to wear it so she asked me to pose for her so I can get to wear it :)

Pretty isn’t? If you want a tutu skirt like this, please visit my mom’s ONLINE STORE 

or visit her Facebook page

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Cheering Class Mon-Day 5 We’re all in Pink!

It’s like only yesterday when I started attending cheerleading class and now it’s our 5th week! I learned so many cheers and I had 3 games already! I love cheering and doing the different motions. Last Monday, we finished practicing our cheer dance we are going to present on Finals.  Mom and Dad can’t wait to see me present on Finals!

Here’s some of the photo that mom took last Monday, it’s funny coz we are all in pink!

Have a nice Day everyone! Thanks for visiting!

Cheering Class Mon-Day2

Here I am again, it’s Monday! Mommy and I rode a taxi to the gym. We were there early so we took a walk and I still got the chance to play in the playground again.

Daddy and Ethan was there too! Daddy doesn’t wanna miss my every class, he’s very supportive and so with my brother.

Here’s some of our photos and video of our practice…

Here’s what I learned for my Mon-DAY2:

Basic Cheer Motion

Right Diagonal

Left Diagonal

Left L

Right L

Basic Jump Form

Cheer #4  ”We want to Win”

We want to win

Upward, We want to Win!

Spell it Out


Cheer $5 “Who Rock the House”

Who Rock the house

Upward rock the house

Who rock the house

Upward rock the house

When upward rock the house

we rock it all the way down!

Cheerleading Class Satur-DAY1

I had my second class last Saturday and it was fun! Saturdays were supposed to be our game but since we were just starting, we used this first saturday to practice more cheer for preparation for our first game next Saturday.

We came early last Saturday and the weather was so good so Ethan and I were able to play outside before my class begin.

Here I am with my pink blouse :D

Daddy and Ethan got to have their shooting too!

And finally our class started and I learned new cheer again

Here’s what I learned for my Satur-DAY1 :

Basic Cheer Motion:

Candle Sticks

Broken T

Cheer #2 “Dribble it, Pass it”

Dribble it  (clap, clap)

Pass it (clap, clap)

Drible it, Pass it

We Want a Basket!

Cheer #3 “Pump It Up!”

Pump, Pump

Pump it up…


Pump it up!

Cheerleading Class for 2012 Mon-Day1

Mom and Dad enrolled me in a Cheerleading Class last year and my class started last night 6 – 7 , January 2nd 2012.

Upward Sports

Mom and Dad and my brother Ethan was with me last night to attend my first class. Ethan got to enjoy basketball in the gym while waiting for my class to start while me playing with my coach daughter – Caroline.

The Lesson is quite an introductory, we learned

Here’s some of the videos my mommarazzi took :D

Our First Cheer..

And here’s some of our photos…

Nazarene Gym

Start of the class…

Me and My Coach Stephanie

My Cheerleading Kit

I love my Uniform!

This is a cool class after my Gymnastics when I was 4!  Hope to learn more and hope to enjoy it through out the league!

Here’s what I learned from Mon-Day1:

Basic Cheer Motion:

Ready Position


Low Touchdown

Dagger or Table Top

High -V



Clasp and Clap

Cheer #1 “Rock this House”

“Big Blue

is here

to rock

this house”

Beauty’s New Outfit Made By Mommy

Look what mom made for my new dolly?

Mom made her a crochet beanie and a pink top. She also made a tutu for the first time! My dolly was a lucky girl!

Isn’t she Cute?!

Front                                       Back


PINK and BLUE Dolly Beanie

I am sharing this to PINK FRIDAY!

Christmas Presents

We celebrated our Christmas at Juan’s residence. We had a great party. My brother and I presented a song “jingle bells’ and our other friends sang their own songs too and some played an organ.

After our presentation, we also had different games and I got to win once with Ate Jolina, my partner  and my friend.

Adults got their games too, we had raffle unfortunately I wasn’t chosen but Daddy won 15 bucks!

After all of these fun and eating time, we gave our gifts to each other and I got plenty in return!

But wait, there’s more….

Since I am a good girl, Look what I got beside my bed on Christmas Day!

Santa gave me the DOLL I saw in the internet with mommy!

She’s so pretty, her real name is BEAUTIFUL EMBRACE but I wanna call her BEAUTY :)

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This is our First Christmas and New Year in Arkansas, USA. It’s our first time to celebrate it without our loveones and close friends and it will also be the first time that me and my brother will not be able to visit our godparents but despite all of that we are still blessed to celebrate our Christmas with my dad and mom and my brother!

May we all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a PROSPEROUS New YEAR!


Rise and Shine

In celebration of Thanks giving, we, Kindergarten under Mrs. Winn’s class presented a spacial presentation. My mom and dad and other parents were there to witness our presentation and mom was so glad that she were able to watch us and took video and photo of our presentation :)

Here’s some photos mommy took

Before the presentation…


Picture Taking after presentation…

Daddy and my brother watching me…

And here a video our presentation…

Thanks for Watching :)

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