My Very First Gadget

I am the happiest kid in the WORLD!!!!

Oh yes I am! Coz guess what?! My godmother just send me my very first gadget, an  IPOD NANO!!!


I always wanted to have one of this. I love listening to music and dance with it. I am so thankful because  I’ve been waiting for it for a long time. And now that I have this gadget, I get to enjoy my favorite songs.

I would like to thank my Ninang (godmother) for this present! I love it very much!


Costume Carnival

Last Friday,my family went to my school’s costume carnival. I was wearing a Cinderella costume while my brother was wearing a pirate costume.

There were lots of games and other fun activities for all the students of Elm Tree Elementary. There are Ms. Schube’s Treasure, Bottle Toss, Musical Chair, Cake Walk and a lot more! My favorite game was the Cake Walk where I won 6 times and brought home lots of cakes and cookies and some candies from different games.

I also got my nails painted, I got my hair colored with gold and got a tattoo and face paint. I really had fun with my family and friends. I saw a lot of friends like  Ashly, Kaite C., Mrs. Gun, Dylan, Cole R., Will and more but I will not mention them all  cause there  are too many of them to put in here aside from the new ones I met.  My mom took a lot of pictures of me and my friends. Here are some of them….10679998_716090231815916_7079763339527072515_o

10694410_716091535149119_6570319155929857470_o 10468222_716088788482727_7465728168136241415_o 10608196_716091518482454_5738733991223035496_o 10633609_716090648482541_6334237847593678265_o  10688021_716090955149177_1223727441214528945_o

I had a great time in costume carnival coz aside from bringing home goodies, I also love to dress up! I can’t wait to dress up again on Halloween Trick or Treat in our neighborhood.

Sitcoms for the Television Enthusiast

Contributed by Wallace Stafford
My family are all mad, tv mad that is. They can watch the television set whilst they sleep. We have seven television sets in the house and they are usually on constantly, even though there are only six of us in the house. We love watching Friends on Direct.TV and have come to love the characters in different ways. My wife loves Ross who is a dinosaur expert in the sitcom or a paleontologist as experts would call it. Apparently she would like to rub noses with him and give him a massage and spend her life being looked after by him. !
Friends has become a national institution with many generations watching re-runs of the best sitcom in the world. Ross is very funny for the children as his facial expressions and silly antics make him appear to be more approachable. The on and off relationship he has with Rachael is nothing short of a heart wrenching story. Their relationship troubles are not to dissimilar to my own, especially if the wife wants to run off with Ross. But if she does, I hope I will be left with the big television, that would break my heart if she took that.

I want to be a Pop Star

I like how my parents are very supported of me. I am fond of singing with my brother and daddy while mommy records it.

Daddy is actually planning to enroll us in a music school where I and Ethan can learn how to play guitar and hopefully other instruments – piano, flute, saxophone, drums, and others.
My first piece will be my favorite song Fireworks by Katy Perry and mom told me that it is available in Great Scores. I will first study its keyboard version then my little brother can play the guitar while daddy will be in drums, mom will record it again and post in YouTube. I heard about artist who become famous through YouTube and I am interested to try my luck.
I am dreaming to be a singer someday. I idolized singers who can also play an instrument. Mom told me that while I am still young I should enjoy our childhood in an informative way. I do not mind taking extra class in developing my skills and talent after school, I find it amusing. We may never know that this skill will take me to places. I can imagine signing autographs for my fans, shooting music videos, going on to a world tour, having a concert, collaborating with other artists, and having my own album.
My first album will be covers of my favorite songs then my I will write my own songs. I will have an acoustic album where I will be the one to play the guitar.
Is this so much for my imaginations?
I am thankful to have supportive parents. I couldn’t ask for more blessings. In return, I will put my heart into this, be determine and dedicated. I will make my parents proud and I will be the next Katy Perry of my generation.

My First POEM

I wrote a short POEM yesterday about cats. Here’s a photo that mommy took to show you guys, hope you like it coz it’s my very FIRST POEM 😉

My Shopping Bag

My family went to Branson Missouri last Saturday to shop at TANGER OUTLET. Daddy and Mommy bought us new set of pants and tops for the spring. They also bought us a swim suit, a cap and a small purse!

Here’s my brother and I shopping bag….

Will be posting what we got soon! 🙂

Tutu Skirt and Bow Made by Mom

Look what Mom made me….

a pink and purle TUTU SKIRT with matching Bows!

I love it! Mom did it last night and I am excited to wear it so she asked me to pose for her so I can get to wear it 🙂

Pretty isn’t? If you want a tutu skirt like this, please visit my mom’s ONLINE STORE 

or visit her Facebook page

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Cheering Class Mon-Day 5 We’re all in Pink!

It’s like only yesterday when I started attending cheerleading class and now it’s our 5th week! I learned so many cheers and I had 3 games already! I love cheering and doing the different motions. Last Monday, we finished practicing our cheer dance we are going to present on Finals.  Mom and Dad can’t wait to see me present on Finals!

Here’s some of the photo that mom took last Monday, it’s funny coz we are all in pink!

Have a nice Day everyone! Thanks for visiting!

Cheering Class Mon-Day2

Here I am again, it’s Monday! Mommy and I rode a taxi to the gym. We were there early so we took a walk and I still got the chance to play in the playground again.

Daddy and Ethan was there too! Daddy doesn’t wanna miss my every class, he’s very supportive and so with my brother.

Here’s some of our photos and video of our practice…

Here’s what I learned for my Mon-DAY2:

Basic Cheer Motion

Right Diagonal

Left Diagonal

Left L

Right L

Basic Jump Form

Cheer #4  “We want to Win”

We want to win

Upward, We want to Win!

Spell it Out


Cheer $5 “Who Rock the House”

Who Rock the house

Upward rock the house

Who rock the house

Upward rock the house

When upward rock the house

we rock it all the way down!

Cheerleading Class Satur-DAY1

I had my second class last Saturday and it was fun! Saturdays were supposed to be our game but since we were just starting, we used this first saturday to practice more cheer for preparation for our first game next Saturday.

We came early last Saturday and the weather was so good so Ethan and I were able to play outside before my class begin.

Here I am with my pink blouse 😀

Daddy and Ethan got to have their shooting too!

And finally our class started and I learned new cheer again

Here’s what I learned for my Satur-DAY1 :

Basic Cheer Motion:

Candle Sticks

Broken T

Cheer #2 “Dribble it, Pass it”

Dribble it  (clap, clap)

Pass it (clap, clap)

Drible it, Pass it

We Want a Basket!

Cheer #3 “Pump It Up!”

Pump, Pump

Pump it up…


Pump it up!

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